JIM BONIGAN - 2002 dodge van engine blowed up

Oak Forest, Illinois 1 comment

we bought a 2002 dodge cargo van 3500 from jim bonigan in kendleville in bought it on 8-24-2011 we were deliving some cargo for a business when engine blow had to be towed home $ 200.then took it to a shop to be repaired which was in shop for a month and half bill came to $3000.

called jim he sent us a nother engine and it was as bad as the first one but we had to do what we could to fix it so we built one engine out of the two scrap ones but still need new heads jim said no and he wants van back since we fixed it or we are to pay $4000.for this van so please everyone stay away from this guy

Review about: 2002 Dodge Van 3500.



You bought the car, pay for the car. It's really that simple.

You obviously didn't inspect the vehicle enough before buying it. Now it's too late and you want free repairs.

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